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He called a taxi, but he was in the “prohibited zone,” so he tried a car service that said they could pick him up if he could get a couple miles outside of the race area.

Macon ostensibly “finished” his marathon by running the miles to the car, and was transported to the airport, where he talked his way through TSA wearing a singlet and shorts carrying nothing but his ID. Well, come on in.’” Macon eventually made his way onto the plane, still dressed in his singlet and shorts.

Starving after having run the marathon, Macon walked into a restaurant. “The flight attendants announced what happened and people started sending me drinks,” Macon says.

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And while he's covered plenty of miles on foot in the process, he's also racked up quite a few in the air.

(They’ve traveled to Africa six times.) But he mostly uses the miles for more marathons.

“I've run at least two marathons every weekend, and I run more on holidays,” Macon says.

“I had like six or seven million miles on American Airlines, I've got a couple million on Delta, and just 500,000 on United Airlines,” he says nonchalantly.

Periodically he’ll use the miles for vacations with his wife, Jane.

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