Breaking bad s05e02 online dating

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He then stashes the real ricin — which he retrieved from Saul Goodman previously — behind a wall outlet cover in his bedroom at the White house.

Walt and Jesse toss his house, searching desperately for the cigarette.

At a test kitchen in Germany, Madrigal Electromotive executive Peter Schuler glumly tastes a variety of dipping sauces.

His secretary interrupts to inform him the police have arrived.

and I have no intention of being around for the boom." Hank Schrader, Steven Gomez, and George Merkert meet with several Madrigal executives, recently flown in from overseas.

The head of Madrigal is shocked at Schuler's death, and remorseful.

Saul says an in-town venue will be difficult, but Walt insists that if Gus could do it, they should be able to do it as well.

Jesse reports that he was able to find all the precursor chemicals except for methylamine.

Mike shoots down the idea, vouching for the integrity of his men — they are paid to stand up to the heat, and they will.

At home, Skyler White refuses to get out of bed, insisting Mariano can open the car wash for her.

Walt suggests she take a shower to feel better, and she wordlessly obliges; after this eerie absolution, she seems like a shadow of herself.

" Mike is playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with his granddaughter when Chow calls.

He says that the DEA threatened to take his money, and insists that Mike come talk with him at his home, to which Mike agrees.

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