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The central leader of the experiments was Josef Mengele, who performed experiments on over 1,500 sets of imprisoned twins, of which fewer than 200 individuals survived the studies.[4] Whilst attending University of Munich (located in the city that remained one of Adolf Hitler’s focal points during the revolution) studying philosophy and medicine with an emphasis on anthropology and paleontology, Mengele got swept up in the Nazi hysteria and even said that “this simple political concept finally became the decisive factor in my life”.[5] Mengele’s newfound admiration for the “simple political concept” led him to mix his studies of medicine and politics as his career choice.Mengele received his Ph D for a thesis entitled “Racial Morphological Research on the Lower Jaw Section of Four Racial Groups”, which suggested that a person’s race could be identified by the shape of the jaw.[6] The Nazi organization saw his studies as talents, and Mengele was asked to be the leading physician and researcher at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland in May 1943.[7] There, Mengele organized genetic experiments on twins. In 1941, the Luftwaffe conducted experiments to learn how to treat hypothermia.First, to establish how long it would take to lower the body temperature to death, and second how to best resuscitate the frozen victim.The icy vat method proved to be the fastest way to drop the body temperature.The selections were made of young healthy Jews or Russians.They were usually stripped naked and prepared for the experiment.Typically, the experiments resulted in death, disfigurement or permanent disability.

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Infection was aggravated by forcing wood shavings and ground glass into the wounds.Many suffered severe radiation burns.[19] Experiments with poison In or around December 1943 and October 1944, experiments were conducted at Buchenwald to investigate the effect of various poisons.The poisons were secretly administered to experimental subjects in their food.The experiments were conducted under the supervision of Dachau and Auschwitz.Rascher reported directly to Heinrich Himmler, and publicised the results of his freezing experiments at the 1942 medical conference entitled “Medical Problems Arising from Sea and Winter”.[11] The freezing experiments were in two parts.

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