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Unfortunately, there are numerous quasi-mystical and pseudo-magical offerings in this regard, and much of their dubious content stems from misconceptions of the root elements of the Draconian scientific tradition.

This occurs because researchers, who might well study literature that is readily available in the public domain, do not have access to those archives wherein the original base material is held.

Here, then, for those who are new to this series, is a brief summary of the main content of Bloodline of the Holy Grail — an overview that will illustrate the style and purpose of these correlative investigations.

xvii GENESIS OF THE GRAIL KINGS Following the Jewish Revolt in Jerusalem in the first century ad, the Roman authorities were reputed to have burned all records (public and private) concerning the Davidic sovereign legacy of Jesus’s family.

In view of this, and in recognition of his erudite accomplishment in restoring the Messianic Dragon tradition to its position as the fans et origo, I commend this text to all who quest for the eternal Grail.

HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere KGC, KCD Princeps Draconis, Sovereign Grand Master and Magister Templi of Sarkany Rend The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order XVI Preface Genesis of the Grail Kings is the second book in a proposed Grail- related series, its predecessor being Bloodline of the Holy Grail.

who, in the family tradition of such masterworks as Lohengrin and Parsifal, is endorsing this book with the companion release of his new album suite, Genesis of the Grail Kings.

This was the reason why so many important writings were not selected for New Testament inclusion; it was the reason why Arthurian XVI 11 tradition was condemned by the bishops; it was the reason why the writings of Merlin were formally blacklisted at the 1545-63 Council of Trento; and it was the reason why the Merovingian and Stuart kings were hounded and deposed.However, the destruction was far from complete and relevant documents were retained by the royal inheritors, who progressed the heritage of the Messiah from the Holy Land into the West.These inheritors were called the Desposyni (heirs of the Lord) and they were pursued by Roman dictate, to be put to the sword by Imperial command.In Genesis of the Grail Kings , the author has imparted a good deal of ancient material from the archives of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court, and has aligned this with a hitherto rarely published classical chronology of events in Old Testament times.The result is a work of scholarly integrity which advances a radically alternative view of history, challenging that which has for too long been foisted upon people by those following a predetermined course of vested interest.

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