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Only problem is the fish won't leave them along and have almost worn the paint off a few of them, not a bad problem to have though.The bill on my last Megabass (a 110 magnum) mysteriously fell off fishing it in 20' of water at Table Rock in April.Incredibly detailed as well with its etched scale and gill patterns, 3D eyes, and Clunn's handpicked colors, the Luck E Strike RC STX Jerkbait delivers proven performance tested by the zen master, himself, Rick Clunn - and they're available at a price that won't hurt your wallet.Comments: Ordered a hand full to try them out and was highly disappointed. I won't be buying more, but that doesn't mean they're all bad From: Comments: First time out with the large purple green apple I caught 8 largemouth and 7 chain pickerel in about two hours on a small local lake. I don't really care if some consider this a clone as long as it works.From: Comments: It is NOT close to the Megabass 110.Well, it looks like one, kind of, but that is about it.Medium power rods between 6'8" and 7'3" with an XF action and a very fine and fast tip section rated for lines between 8-15lb test are what you want to throw these baits with.Think about what you would throw your larger popping baits or something like a small Spook, and you will be close. Yo-Zuri Hybrid in green for the larger sized STX, 10lb. From: Comments: The STX is my go to jerk bait here in Va..

If you are a beginner jerkbait angler I'd recommend these. From: Comments: My second cast ever with this bait I hooked a five pounder and the hook bent out :(Great action, catches lots of fish but I revomend changing the hooks.As for the areas of comments with which I completely agree, the first would be the specific detail and overall quality of finishes on the STX's are not on a par with Megabass, but are very, very good and sufficiently effective and realistic. The hook hardware and the hooks themselves are inconsistently tempered and need to be replaced before using.My choice is a #1 SS split ring from Stamina for the hook hangers, a #2 SS split ring for the nose/line tie, and 3, #6 9650 VMC black nickel trebles with standard shank length.From: Comments: A very similar bait to the 110, made in the USA, and under ? Other than changing the hooks and split rings (which I do with most baits anyways, Megabass hooks included), they're an awesome bait. The smaller version is hard to cast on a baitcaster but it can be done.No more bills breaking/falling off or tails cracking.

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