Hefner dating twins

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"I want to be him," says Vince Neil, the Mötley Crüe singer who's "eternally engaged" to a Playmate.

To others, he's a visionary workaholic and a lucky womanizer.

How big of an influence did those movies have on you as a child?

A lot of my motivation came from the fact that I was raised in a home in which there was no display of affection.

He's throwing parties again, hopping from club to club, getting his picture taken with Cameron Diaz and Dave Grohl one night and Jack Nicholson and Perry Farrell the next.

Now, as Prince suggested some time ago, it's 1999 — it's party time. I didn't have any problem with that at all, after having lived the life I had lived before.The difference this time is that he is older and everyone else is a half-century younger. I suppose from the outside it looks like it ought to be complicated, but it isn't. How would you feel if Kimberley started dating twin brothers? But, actually, I think the fact that I am seeing three ladies rather than one probably does make it easier for her.Hef is a living museum piece that loves being on display. There are no alarms, especially if you are blond and well-endowed. Mandy has just moved here, and Sandy's coming out as soon as her semester is over. Over the years a number of my former girlfriends have remained close friends. If I were seeing only one person continually, then it would be a much closer comparison to the marriage, and that would be, by its nature, more difficult.He furnished his universe with the trappings he'd always coveted — the silk robes, the round bed, the grotto of hot tubs, and the endless supply of celebrities and girls — and cast himself in the leading role of a fantasy based on movies he'd seen as a child.His set is the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles — an invitation-only adult Romper Room, where we find Hef sitting in the library in his second skin of a red smoking jacket and black silk pajamas.

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