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Had Philippine indigenous sports been included in the Olympiad, the country could have been a consistent topnotch in the Olympic medal ranking.

Who could beat the Filipinos in mind puzzling and muscle flexing games like sipa, siato, patintero and moro-moro.

Ironically, the most popular sports in the Philippines today are billiards and bowling, maybe because height is not a requirement in these games.These games, no doubt, are far more engaging than football and baseball and require more tactical skills and strategic planning.While most modern sports were introduced to the Philippines only in the 20th century, Filipinos for centuries have developed and perfected games like arnis de mano, which could match Europe's fencing; dumog, wrestling; sikaran, martial arts; patintero or tubigan, football; siato, baseball; moro-moro, long jump; luksong baka, high jump; bato-bato, relay; tarumpo, dart; paligsahang kalabaw, equestrian; and dama, chess.From 1913 to 1934, China won 9 championships and the Philippines only one championship.RP Placed 2nd at Asian Games The Philippines placed second to Japan among 18 participating countries in 8 sports events at the 1954 Asian Games held in Manila.

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