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That means that an applicant can be turned down, or ignored, forty or fifty times in a row without there being anything wrong with his/her application.The high rate of rejection is not an argument against sending in these applications; it is an argument for sending in more and more of them.Of course, I have seen over the years a number of couples who married their childhood sweethearts long ago.Some of these marriages have lasted and seem to be happy.It is hard to imagine anything like dating in those days; but men and women did come together, even then.They may not have paired off, exactly; there may have been harems.Still, this arrangement worked out well enough for us to have showed up very many generations later. If the first half-dozen first dates are unsuccessful, it does not mean that you are unappealing or that you are too picky.Unless you are extraordinarily lucky, the first ten or twenty people you meet—or thirty or forty—are not likely to constitute a good fit to you.

We grow up, find work, find someone to marry, have children and accomplish other such purposes without paying them much attention. Perhaps that is true for some people; but certainly not for everyone, and probably not for most.

I do not know of any reliable statistics about this matter, but the figures I give below approximate the way these dating situations are likely to progress: If you are really serious about dating, you join three or four dating sites.

You read the profiles of other clients and put up your own. (Any lies will surface sooner or later.) Be straightforward. Do not come across as someone who loves everything in the world from classical music to sky-diving. You arrange to meet for only an hour or two for coffee or a drink.

But in the setting of my office, where people are likely to be frank, most tell me that they wonder sometimes how it would have been being married to someone else.

I think that those who meet the right person right away are probably unlucky, rather than lucky. In prehistoric times, when human beings travelled in small bands of perhaps fifty to a hundred people, there could not have been much choice of mates.

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