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Cornie Mazurier with Marine Time provided valuable photographs on recreational fishing. The Beata Ridge leading to Hispaniola and separating the Colombian and Venezuelan Basins is located well to the northwest. This is especially true off Bonaire where depths of 3,700 m are only about 30 km to the northeast. Van Buurt 1060 discussed in more detail in the Venezuelan chapter of this report. Some researchers report that there are a northern and southern stock.

Alfredo Pichardo with Teaser Charters provide a great deal of useful information on Aruba and foreign transhipping operations. While water to the south is more shallow, there is an area of deepwater southeast of Bonaire called the Bonaire Basin. Venezuela has in recent years pursued a range of oceanographic studies, some of which have included the water around the Dutch islands, especially the Leeward Group off the western coast. 454 Mackerel: King mackerel begin to appear off the Virgin Islands in October and Puerto Rico in November.

I show a selection of 30 photographs out of my coffetable book Hopped-Up.

Two of the photographs on the wall aren’t even published in the book.

He also graciously provided some fascinating photographs. The water south of Aruba is especially shallow as the island sits on the Venezuelan shelf. Oceanography The authors have noted few oceanographic studies of the waters around the Dutch Caribbean islands. One of the subjects of greatest interest to the Venezuelans has been upwelling. They appear off eastern Puerto Rico before they begin to be taken off the west coast. "A depauperate benthic assemblage from the nutrient-poor sediments of the Puerto Rico Trench," Deep Sea Research I.

Jeannette Pot with the Curasao Sea Aquarium provided information on the Sea Aquarium program. 1051 17 THE NETHERLANDS ANTILLES AND ARUBA The Dutch Caribbean islands consist of two widely separated island groups. Leeward Group: The dominate oceanographic feature off the Leeward Group is the Caribbean Current which flows westward north of the islands. CMTAT4M (v^ ^*»%, _ ,o 3 SABABANK A f/ „x \ r^^ \ ^S Li S, ■O «o »0 Figure 6. Note how close the targe Saba Bank is to Saba Island. 32 Windward Group: The important Anegada Passage between the Atlantic and Caribbean is located well to the northeast of the Dutch islands. There are also solitary king mackerels present all year around reefs. 455 There does not appear to have been any important Puerto Rican research on swordfish or the large oceanic pelagics.

Cor Gouw with Blue Caribbean Seafood/Vispaljs provided information on his companies. 29 Windward Group/Lesser Antilles: The Windward Group is composed of the three smaller islands located in the northeastern Caribbean. Eustatius is of volcanic origins and relatively undeveloped. The central part of the island is flat, ideal for agriculture. The northern part of the island is controlled by France. The island is mountainous and has greater rainfall and vegetation than the Leeward Group. thus have no projection into the Atlantic and the deepwater located outside the arc. Blue marlin: This important game fish is present off Puerto Rico all year round.

Kim Rivera with NMFS provide helpful guidance on seabird bycatch. Schmidt with the Agricultural Project provided information on St. Craig Theriault with Blue Caribbean briefed the authors on the longline Fishing strategy he has employed. The Leeward Group in the southern Caribbean is three larger islands with more substantial, but still mostly artisanal fishing operations. Some information on the oceanographic conditions off these islands is available in the chapters on several neighboring islands, especially Anguilla and Antigua. 1 and Director, of Information: Ports of Curacao, 1985. NMFS has conducted some work on large oceanic pelagics, including swordfish. Organizations Important facilities conducting or promoting fisheries research in Puerto Rico include: Caribbean Fisheries Management Council: The U. Caribbean Fisheries Management Council (CFMC) is based in San Juan. territories in the eastern Caribbean (primarily Puerto Rico and the USVI).

Mike Dallarosa, NMFS Enforcement Agent on Puerto Rico, provided information on fishery interactions with the Netherlands Antilles. 25 Despite the dangers, a few fishermen in 2001 are fishing reeffish with handlines along the north coast. There are scant sheltered bays along the rocky coast and Saba is one of the few Caribbean islands without a beach. The shelf around Saba is extremely narrow and falls off exceptionally steeply. Little tunny: Little tunny is a schooling species that is some times found dispersed.

Adolph Debrot, CARMABI Sub-Director, provided information about CARMABI and his extensive research on fisheries and environmental issues. Debrot reviewed the report in detail and provided many helpful suggestions and additional information. They operate from a small fishing port called Playa Canoa. Depths exceeding 500 m are found within 1 km of the coast. It is present year round, but appears to migrate in a westerly direction.

Yesterday’s opening of my exhibition was a good success and a great evening.

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