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Informed written consent was sought from parents and guardians via each child’s school prior to any child being allocated a SGD.In line with Stake (1995: 58) indication was given as to why their child was selected for this part of the study, and every effort was made to explain that the SGDs were not allocated to ‘solve a problem or advance social well-being’ but to add to existing knowledge about the preferences children with autism may exhibit for certain features on AAC tools.Just six of the twelve children used sign language regularly on a daily basis with the number of signs used ranging from 10- 15 per child.

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Few comparative efficacy studies exist when making specific AAC choices for research purposes but there is evidence to suggest that children with autism who can use PECS adjust well to making requests via SGDs [8,10,11].Received Date: June 17, 2015; Accepted Date: August 13, 2015; Published Date: August 13, 2015 Citation: Chuileann SN. DOI: 10.21767/2171-6625.100020 Background: Many minimally-verbal children with autism use Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) to help them communicate with others.Investigating Preference for Self-Voice on A Speech Generating Device by the Child with Autism. The voice on these devices rarely resemble the child using them however, which may diminish the child’s motivation to use the device more often.Finally, these 12 children understood between 8-34 words at the time of testing (Table 1).Table 1: Descriptive data for the 12 children recruited.

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