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It’s an illusion of a larger than life show and band. Well, if you ask me, I have to answer both yes and no.

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Gilmour and Mason had a lot at stake, including their houses, and the success with Momentary and the tour was a matter of to be or not to be.

They also featured additional musicians on stage, which again was very much in line with David’s 1984 tour but also because Nick and Rick was too much out of shape to handle their own parts.

They soon got comfortable with performing live again though and by 1988 and the recording of Delicate Sound of Thunder, they was very much in charge of the drums and keyboards respectively.

Delicate Sound of Thunder was one of my first encounters with Pink Floyd. I knew some of their songs from before but this was my first full length album.

I remember thinking “this can’t possibly be a live recording… ” An experienced observation by a twelve year old perhaps but I was already used to shitty Kiss bootlegs and new how bad a band could sound.

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