Topamax expiration dating shelf life

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The reason for this is that both expiration dates and beyond-use dates take into consideration the handling and storage factors of the medication.

If a pharmacist puts your medication into another container, that date will be even shorter and is reflected in the beyond-use date.

Further evidence of the possibility of extending expiration dates of prescription medications is provided by the Shelf-Life Extension Program (SLEP), a collaboration between the FDA and the Department of Defense that aims to reduce medication costs for the military.

It has found that 88% of 122 different drugs stored under ideal conditions should have their expiration dates extended more than 1 year, with an average extension of 66 months, and a maximum extension of 278 months.

Most medications have an expiration date between 12 to 60 months after they are manufactured.

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(One active ingredient, homatropine, was not tested for as no analytical standard could be found for it.) The active ingredients tested for were: aspirin, amphetamine, phenacetin, methaqualone, codeine, butalbital, caffeine, phenobarbital, meprobamate, pentobarbital, secobarbital, hydrocodone, chlorpheniramine, and acetaminophen.

Expiration dates for drugs are generally set at 12 to 60 months after production, but the FDA does not require manufacturers to determine how long medications remain potent after their expiration date.The researchers note that aspirin is known to degrade over time, but that there is no published data regarding the durability of amphetamine.They note that the difference in measurements of phenacetin content may have been due to packaging and storage conditions.There have been whispers for a while now about Prince Harry proposing to Cressida Bonas.All of the signs really do seem to be there and he seems to be taking the standard steps that are customary before announcing an engagement.

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